Fishing Chestermere Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-03-28

picture of Chestermere Lake Alberta

Chestermere Lake’s a decent place to go fishing after work or when you don’t have time to go anywhere else (if you’re in the area). It’s kind of a slimy, weed-infested lake but fishing’s usually decent and there’s actually some pretty big fish lurking around.

I’ve been fishing Chestermere Lake a few times a year since I started fishing. Throughout the years I’ve stumbled upon some pretty good hotspots, some are well known to most people that fish the lake and others aren’t.

For this article, I’ll be going over some general information about Chestermere Lake. Then I’ll be discussing some of my favourite fishing spots.

How to get to Chestermere Lake?

The simplest way to get to Chestermere Lake is by taking the Trans-Canada Highway to Chestermere Blvd. Take the westbound exit and keep driving until you see the lake. If you feel like coffee you can park close to the Tim Hortons. It’s always nice to have a coffee while you’re fishing!

What amenities does Chestermere Lake have?

Chestermere Lake has all the amenities of a city because it’s surrounded by one! It’s definitely not a place to go camping or anything but you should have no problem finding whatever amenities you need.

Does Chestermere Lake have any rules or by-laws?

Chestermere Lake also has some special by-laws since it's surrounded by the city of Chestermere. I've included a link to the city of Chestermere's website so you can have a look for yourself.

City Of Chestermere Link

Does Chestermere Lake have a boat launch?

Yes. The boat launch is just behind Tim Hortons right beside the bridge. It costs money though, so be prepared to fork out some cash if you plan on launching a boat!

What fishing zone is Chestermere Lake listed under?

Chestermere Lake is listed in the Alberta Fishing Regulations under PP1. I’ve included a link to the regulations for Chestermere Lake.

Alberta Fishing Regulations PP1

What are some good fishing lures for Chestermere Lake?

What fish are in Chestermere Lake?

I’ve only ever caught Northern Pike and Yellow Perch. I would say that most of the time you're going to be catching pike though.

Fishing under the bridge

Chestermere Blvd bridge is probably the most well-known hot-spot. Fishing’s generally pretty good all around the bridge, including along the berm. I personally like getting as close to the bridge as I can while casting out into the open water.

You just have to be careful not to hook any boats going under the bridge because you’ll see lots of traffic. Since the boat launch is right beside the bridge.

picture of pike caught at chestermere lake

Map Source:Google Maps

Fishing the southeastern canal

If you head over to the southeast canal, you can walk down below the spillway to the irrigation ditch. The waters a little bit yucky but sometimes pike makes their way through the spillway and ends up in the canal.

Most of the time you can find at least a couple pike below the spillway hanging out in the discharge channel. Also, the discharge channel looks pretty dangerous so I wouldn’t want to get too close to it!

picture of pike caught at chestermere lake

Map Source:Google Maps

Fishing the pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge that goes across the west canal is another good hot-spot. Again, the waters a little yucky but you should manage to land a few pikes if you can handle all the weeds.

fishing the pedestrian bridge at chestermere lake

Map Source:Google Maps

Fishing the north canal

The mouth of the canal that’s on the north end of the lakes pretty good earlier in the season. Later on in the year it gets overwhelmed with weeds and becomes harder to fish.

picture of pike caught at chestermere lake

Map Source:Google Maps

Fishing around the deepest area

It gets to around 20-22 feet once you get closer to the middle of the lake. If your fortunate enough to be boating then I recommend checking this area out.

I like trolling around the area that’s close to the yacht club while making passes in a zigzag pattern that goes in and out of the deep water.

Directly across the lake from the yacht club is also a pretty good spot to try trolling.

picture of pike caught at chestermere lake

Map Source:Google Maps

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