Fishing at Eagle Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2020-11-21

Eagle Lake Alberta

I usually head out to Eagle Lake at least a couple of times per year because it is only a short drive from my house and the fishing is fantastic. It is not a very big lake, but the fish are plentiful, and I always have a good time.

Now, before you decide to head out, be aware that it is not suitable for large boats. There is no official boat launch open to the public, and it is very shallow for the first 40 feet from where you would launch your boat. It’s more or less a place to take your 12’ aluminum, inflatable or Jon boat. I’ve observed a few unhappy people perform an unsuccessful boat launch.

Eagle Lake directions

The simplest way to get to Eagle Lake is to take the Trans Canada Highway to Range Road 245 Southbound. You will come to an old farmhouse and see a dirt boat launch on your left-hand side.

Does Eagle Lake have any amenities?

Unfortunately, Eagle Lake doesn’t have any amenities open to the general public.

The R.V. Resort on the S.E. side of the lake has many amenities, but it’s not open for day use and costs money.
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Does Eagle Lake have a boat launch?

Eagle Lake has two boat launches. A dirt boat launch located off Range Road 245 and another at the R.V. Resort.

What fish are at Eagle Lake?

Best fishing lures for Eagle Lake

picture of a walleye caught at Eagle Lake Alberta

Best place to fish from shore

Fishing from shore is troublesome because it’s shallow and full of weeds until you get at least 20 feet out. You will either need chest waders to get past the weeds, fish from the concrete retaining wall beside the boat launch, fish from the old train tracks (I have no idea if its private property), or fish the small canals on the south end.

What is the best location for catching walleye

Head north until you get close to a bunch of houses by the nursery. About 40 feet from shore is a nice little drop that’s a hotspot for walleye. I recommend jigging with a crawfish tube jig or worm.

walleye hotspot eaglelake map source:Google Maps

What is the best location for catching pike

I’ve caught most of my pike on the N.W. Side of the lake while trolling 20ft from shore. The South part of the lake has too many weeds, so I leave it alone.

pike hotspot eaglelake map source:Google Maps

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