Fishing at Keho Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2020-05-07

Keho Lake Alberta

Keho Lake is a shallow flat featured lake located in Southern Alberta with an average depth of 10ft and a surface area of 2212 Hectares. Keho Lake is known for harboring massive northern pike and walleye and holds the record for the largest northern pike caught in Alberta. This article will focus on landing trophy size northern pike and walleye while fishing Keho Lake Alberta. I will go over the best areas I have found for catching big fish and what lures to use.

Keho Lake fishing access

Access to Keho Lake is extremely easy. Coming off the highway you will see many dirt paths going right up to the shoreline that are perfect for launching smaller boats. For larger boats Keho Lake has a proper boat launch located just off Township Road 114 on the S.E. side. Parking is also available all around the lake, and access to the canal is open to the public.

Best time of day for fishing Keho Lake

Early morning and late afternoon is always a good time to go fishing. I’ve had the best luck fishing Keho Lake from around 4:00pm till 7:00pm. The lake seems to always get windy around this time. Once the wind starts to pick up and the water gets choppy it stirs up debris on the bottom of the lake which makes big fish active. For best results troll the open water during this time while watching for underwater structure.

Where to fish for walleye at Keho Lake

About 15 feet out from the East canal heading out towards the centre of the lake you will notice a decent drop that goes down to around 20 feet. This area is great for catching big Walleye. Jigging with a Crawfish tube jig works best while paying close attention to small features near the bottom. Also if you are fishing from the shore you can cast out towards the drop to land decent walleye and medium pike.

49°57'14.2"N 112°57'30.4"W
49.953933, -112.958452 location of walleye

Best location For catching pike

The weed beds about 10-15 feet out from the side of the canal harbor a decent amount of small to medium size pike. This area gets weedy so I try not to cast or troll to much. Jigging with a five of diamonds work good. I’ve also had good luck dropping tube jigs between weeds while lightly jigging off bottom.

49°57'12.5"N 112°57'21.4"W
49.953469, -112.955947 location of pike

Where to find trophy size pike at Keho Lake

The naturally flat and featureless characteristics of Keho Lake makes catching decent sized pike on the open water a little easier. I usually go out into the middle of the lake looking for small drop offs of maybe 5feet that could be holding big pike. Trolling while paying attention to small features usually brings me success. Try trolling with a deep diving lure a foot off bottom. Another great technique is jigging off bottom while going over structures.

location of pike

Why do pike get so big at Keho Lake

Big northern pike require big food to grow. In order for a lake to produce trophy Pike there must be a good source of food for trophy fish to feed on, and luckily there is. You will see many large walleye and whitefish throughout the lake for pike to feed on.

What is the best way to fly fish Keho Lake

I have the best luck fly fishing off the dam while either casting out towards the weed bed or into the big drop off. I like to use large red streamers while working a jigging action off bottom.

How to troll Keho Lake

Big fish usually don’t wast time on small prey. To catch trophy size fish I recommend using large lures to attract big Pike. Replica walleye lures work well along with big spoons and buck tail spinners.

Top Three Fishing Lures For Keho Lake

Summary For Fishing Keho Lake

Keho Lake is known for its big trophy Pike and Walleye. If you are insearch of landing truly monster fish I would recommend heading out to Keho this season. For best luck try the drop just east of the canal and the weed bed right beside the dam. Also don’t forget to hit the open water for big pike and don't forget to pay attention to small structures.