Fishing at Midway Reservoir Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2020-05-07

Midway Reservoir Alberta

Midway Reservoir is a small body of water located just east of Carstairs off Township Road 302 and Range Road 273, Midway is stocked throughout the season with rainbow trout and has a number of amenities including picknick tables, fire pits, out houses and a campground. Midway is listed in the Alberta Fishing Regulations under zone PP2. Always double check the regs before heading out

Access to Midway Reservoir

Access to the reservoir is through the main entrance of the campground just off Range Road 273. Once inside the campground you will see a dirt road that winds around the shoreline for access to the water. Parking is available throughout the campground with many parking spots positioned along the shore that are open for either day use or camping.
The campground has a number of picknick tables and fire pits throughout the area, along with out houses and a pump with running ground water.

Is there a boat launch at Midway Reservoir

Being that Midway Reservoir is only 20 feet across in some areas, a boat is mostly unnessessary for fishing. Although you might see the odd dingy, nobody really launches a boat at Midway, therefore there is no boat launch.

Fishing for rainbow Trout at Midway Reservoir

Midway is stocked regularly with rainbow trout and is full of small to medium sized pan fry’s. The trout seem to be a little more aggressive at Midway, I’ve had good luck with Rapala Countdowns, medium Five Of Diamonds and Williams Wabler Spoons work well.

Flukes at Midway

Flukes are parasites that transfer from birds to snails to fish. While transferring to fish they burrow through the skin and migrate to the eyes where they enter an inert state. Pretty much every trout I have caught from midway has had at least one fluke embedded in the flesh. Sometimes if the fish is heavily infested you will see bumps all over the fishes skin. If the fish seems to be badly infested I throw it back. If I happen to keep any of my catches I just make sure to cut the flukes out before I cooking.

Best spot for catching fish at Midway

Catching rainbow trout is pretty easy all around Midway due to the fact that its a stocked pond. Fishing the shore line is good because Midway isn’t very far across. Most people shouldn’t have trouble casting out into the middle or completely across the pond where it’s narrow. Separating the two main open areas, is a narrowing thats almost like a canal, I’ve had great success fishing all along this area especially at the mouth.

GPS Coordinates
51°33'53.4"N 113°44'03.9"W
51.564843, -113.734409

Fishing the dam

The dam is a fairly small structure located on the N.W. side of the reservoir that spans just a few feet across, It’s really not much of a dam, but it does provide fish with some cover and a worthwhile spot to try fishing. You can also try standing alongside the dam from shore while casting out into the middle of the pond.

GPS Coordinates of the dam
51°34'00.8"N 113°44'09.5"W
51.566877, -113.735968


Midway is a great place to go fishing if you are in the Carstairs area, remember to try Rapalas, Five Of Diamonds and Crocodile spoons. The reservoir is stocked throughout the season with rainbow trout and is open to the general public. Also remember to check your local fishing regulations.