Hunting at Dalemead Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2020-05-07

Dalemead Lake Alberta

Located to the east of south Calgary, just off the 22x Dalemead Lake is a great place to plan a quick waterfowl or upland game birl session. Dalemead Lake is managed by Ducks Unlimited Canada and open during hunting season to the general public under WMU 156.

Dalemead Lake Hunting Access

Access to the lake is limited to foot traffic only, and accessible through man openings in the fence. Parking is available just off the 22x or beside the canal at the east entrance. The east entrance is about a 20minute walk along the canal to the dam but usually not as busy.

Is there boat access to Dalemead Lake

Boating is allowed however there is no boat launch and the use of a motor is prohibited. Also, the only way to get a boat out onto the lake is to either slide it under or carry it over the fence. You are also going to have to carry your boat to the lake, so its best to have someone help you or bring a dolly.

no morors allowed at dalemead lake, foot traffic only, use at own risk

What is the best game to hunt for

Mallard duck

The mallard duck is number one on my hunting list because of its rich flavor and perfect fat content. Mallard ducks are a dabbling duck that average approximately 3-4lbs. They have a large breast and good fat content beneath the skin making them perfect for searing. Males are easily identified by their teal green head and neck, followed by a white band at the base of their neck. Females are less attractive being mostly light brown and white.

Canada Goose

Canada goose is a larger goose that can be easily identified by their black and white pattern. Canada geese are full of meat and excellent for turning into sausages or frying, making them one of my favorite waterfowl to hunt. They can be spotted all around Dalemead Lake in large groups around the dam area and on the islands.

canada goose spotted at dalemead lake

Foot traffic only

Access is limited to foot traffic through one of the man openings along the fence. A sign also states that the use of motors is prohibited and access to the lake is listed as "use at your own risk".
I prefer the west entrance located off the highway because parking is better and you are closer to the lake.

Dalemead Lake hunting meathods:

Hunting With Chest Waders

Chest waders are fine for navigating most of the shoreline out to about 20 feet or further depending on where you step. The west and north sides are best for wading because there is more cover for hunters to hide.

Hunting from a boat

Hunting from a boat is extremely advantageous at Dalemead Lake because there are many shallow areas throughout the middle of the lake that are only accessible by boat. You can see many patches of small islands and tall grass that are perfect for hiding in.

Hunting with decoys

Decoys work great because Dalemead Lake is a big open area. When decoys are presented they are visible to game flying overhead or seen from far away.

Goose and duck calls

Dalemead Lake has a high dam structure that wraps around a good portion of the lake. The dam is beneficial for hunting because it helps drown sounds from the highway while containing sounds off the lake, optimizing your chances of a successful call.

Is Dalemead Lake overcrowded with hunters

Surprisingly I don't see a whole lot of people hunting Dalemead Lake and generally, don't have any trouble finding a hunting spot away from other hunters.

proximity to dwellings

Generally, Dalemead Lake is a safe place to hunt with a shotgun. To the east and west are farms, south of the lake is a highway and to the south-east is a dam. As per firearm and hunting regulation, ensure you are the legal distance from these areas and be mindful of others but other than that I would say this is an extremely safe place to hunt.