Hunting at Helliwell Lake Alberta

Article By: Joe Seaborne 2021-03-30

Helliwell Lake Alberta

This weekend I had the chance to do some duck hunting at Helliwell Lake in Central Alberta. It’s not a very big lake (actually it’s more like a slough) but it’s an excellent place to go hunting for waterfowl!

This was my first time hunting at Helliwell Lake and I wasn’t sure what to expect but in the end, I had a great time and would like to share my experience!

What is the best way to get to Helliwell Lake?

The simplest way to get to Helliwell Lake is by taking the number two to Range Rd 250 (north) and keep going until you approach the bridge.

Alternatively, you can also take Range Rd 252 or 253 but it takes a little longer.

What WMU is Helliwell Lake under?

Helliwell Lake is within WMU 505 in the Alberta Hunting Regulations. Below I’ve included a link to the Alberta Hunting Regulations so you can check them out.

Alberta Hunting Regulations

Does Helliwell Lake have any amenities?

Honestly, I didn’t see any amenities anywhere close by and would be surprised if there were any. So you better pack some toilet paper!

picture of a ducks at hhelliwell lake

What is the best way to access Helliwell Lake?

There are no public parks or boat launches but it’s still pretty easy to access the lake. I just parked close to the bridge and hauled my Jon Boat into the water by hand.

Are there any dwellings close by?

There’s a private campground on the east side of the lake and a couple of farmhouses in the area but nothing substantial.

Are motors allowed at Helliwell Lake?

Unfortunately, the use of a motor is prohibited on the lake.

Ducks unlimited

Helliwell Lake is managed by Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Is there anywhere to hide?

Helliwell Lake has lots of tall gross all along the banks and throughout the shoreline to hide in. There are also mature trees bordering most of the lake which makes it an ideal place to hide from incoming waterfowl.

picture of a ducks at hhelliwell lake

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